12V LED Digital Automation Display Module

12V LED Digital Automation Display Module

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This is a high performance digital display module.

New upgrades geared towards meeting the users' needs.
The last setting parameters can be saved after the device is powered off.
Industrial grade PCB board.

Timing Range(Settable): 0.1~99.9 seconds; 1~999 seconds; 1~999 minutes
Working Voltage: DC 12V
Signal Voltage: DC 4~20V
Output Capacity: Can Control the Load within DC 30V 5A or AC 220V 5A
Static Current: 20mA
Working Current: 50mA
Working Temperature: -40~85°C
PCB Size: 64 * 35 * 18mm / 2.52 * 1.4 * 0.7in (L * W * H)
PCB Weight: 25g / 0.89oz

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1x Display Module

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